Personal experiences and dealing with loss has enabled me to become a hospice volunteer for the past 2.5 years. The grieving journey was sometimes difficult and confusing. I am grateful to be able to share my knowledge and understanding with others as I continue to learn and experience new things.

While supporting grieving clients, I have discovered the inner strength of human beings as they struggle through the processes of their personal journeys. During these fragile times, I feel honored to be welcomed into the clients’ lives as support through listening, reflecting and learning.

“What makes our group so special?”

It is most important that children also receive guidance as they grieve for the loss of someone they love. I have been volunteering with the children’s groups and am currently facilitating a group of younger children. What an amazing program we have for them! Sharing their stories, feeling the feelings, remembering the special things about the person they loved provides an opportunity to assemble skills and techniques for them to use, if they wish, as they grieve. Children are so unique and resilient. I have watched as they attentively listen to each other as they share their personal stories. They support one another so naturally and in their own way.

I feel so blessed to be a small part of their search to understand their loss by offering some tools to use in their young lives and to possibly carry through adulthood.

The training by the Hospice staff has been very thorough and they continue to teach, guide and support me. The teaching and learning are ongoing.

Lois Burton
Client Volunteer

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