Birth or death?

There was a birth certainly

we had evidence and no doubt.

I had seen birth and death

but had thought they were different.

T.S. Eliot, Journey of the Magi

When I was in my childbearing years and having my own babies I became fascinated by the strength, both physically and emotionally, that mothers inherently possess. During my work as a doula (birth assistant) I became aware that some of my fascination was in part due to the miracle of birth, the transition from spirit, or non-existent person, to a person who is now on the path of mortality.

Perhaps I was drawn to be a hospice volunteer due to a similar fascination. The journey that a person goes through from an existing individual to spirit or non-existence. Birth and death tie mankind to the unknown.

I have had the opportunity to support women and families in their choices during labour and to be included in their celebration of birth. For that I am extremely grateful. I hope that I can be of some comfort to those who are dying and to their loved ones. It is an honour to be involved with the ones transitioning and everyone involved with the hospice society.

Deborah Morley

Hospice Volunteer


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