After the passing of my husband Pat, I began seeking supportive services through Langley Hospice Society. After a few sessions, a volunteer opportunity at the Second Story Thrift Store was recommended to me as a way to assist me during my grieving and to help me out of my “solitary confinement”. I heard of the wonderful people and vision that the store entailed and the important sense of contribution volunteering provides. Although I was hesitant at first, as this would be my first experience as a volunteer, I conjured up the courage to fill out an application.

Soon after the interview process, I found myself working and laughing amongst the warm-hearted individuals at Second Story Treasures. The brilliant cohesion and genuine care demonstrated amid the volunteers and staff provided me with the normality I was seeking and helped me build my confidence on a daily basis. Initially given the task of repairing and cleaning jewellery, I received a quick “promotion” to pricing and displaying. Not only am I given the ability to exhibit my talent and confidence, but I am also incredibly supported by my fellow volunteers and the staff. To be honest, I never thought I would have an opportunity to be a volunteer, but just like shopping for rings, I was lucky enough to find one that was a perfect fit.

Roberta Higgs

Second Story Treasures Thrift Store Volunteer


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