A Practical Guide for Families


Death is the final stage of life. Recent or impending death can create major change in a person’s lifestyle. Not only will you be dealing with your own emotional turmoil and grief, you will also be dealing with practical concerns such as home care, wills of estate, living wills, funeral plans, finances, insurance, and so forth. This booklet (see link to PDF file below) offers practical information to dying and bereaved people and their families.

This publication is only one of the resources that the Langley Hospice Society provides to the community. Society volunteers also meet with grieving and palliative people on a one-to-one basis at home, in the Langley Hospice Residence and at the hospital. Loss support groups allow grieving people to talk about their feelings and experiences in a secure environment. The Society maintains a lending library. For more information on this booklet, or any of our services, please call the Langley Hospice Society at 604-530-1115.

Please note: the information in this booklet may not apply to your particular situation. It is intended as a guide only

A Practical Guide for Families


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