Lindsay Munro White

by James

Lindsay left us suddenly on July 3rd, 2007. There were no warnings, no signs, no symptoms…one minute she was talking to her mother and the next she was gone. Doctors don’t exactly know what or why her heart stopped. They suspect that she had an undiagnosed heart disrrythmia.

Lindsay was a wonderful daughter, sister, niece and granddaughter… she lived a full life with an abundance of friends and had the opportunity to share a special life long friendship with her dearest and closest friend Gina.

Life has been too quiet since Lindsay left…the house is empty and our future is now uncertain…

We live to share life with our friends and family and especially our children…but when they leave us…who are we to share our future with….

We miss Lindsay so very much and rewriting our life without her in it has been difficult…They say the journey of grief is a long and lonely road that may be visited by many but shared alone….

We love you Lindsay.


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