By Jeannette Mazzocato

I met Iris at the University of Toronto at St. Michael’s College. We had a few German courses together but what I remember most is our “Happy Hour” in the cafeteria on Thursday afternoons. There the two of us, along with Marianne Miletich (now Bubrin) and Gail Ricci, had coffee and laughed, poke fun at each other (and at our professors, if they deserved it!). We talked about plans for our future, the kind of men we wanted to marry, our future careers, our possible travels. Even if I lost touch with her for many years, whenever I saw her again, Iris was always the same: exuberant, fun, open yet practical, honest and straightforward. I was looking forward to her friendship for many years to come and I’m saddened by the loss of her spirited presence on this earth. I know that you as her family will feel this loss as long as you live. I can only hope that the wonderful memories will gradually replace the sadness.

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