When my beloved husband was dying of colon cancer in1998, after an almost five-year struggle, Dorscie Paterson from Langley Hospice Society reached out to me, in Langley Memorial, and made me aware of this wonderful group. Each evening when I returned home from the hospital, there was an encouraging message from Dorscie that really helped ease my pain and grief…. I decided then that I wanted to know more about and become involved with “this Hospice stuff”. After taking the hospice training, my first job as a volunteer was working in the office, answering the phones, and running off thousands of pages of Hospice Brochures to be distributed throughout the community.

From there I started doing “One on One” visiting in the home with our bereavement clients. This led me into Palliative Care in the Hospital, and then into our beautiful Hospice Residence visiting the patients.

The years have flown by and I have met the most delightful people along the way, including the patients and their families, the wonderful volunteers themselves, whom I consider my dear friends and extended family, and the great Hospice and Medical Staff at the Residence. Right now, I am back working with the bereaved, which I find very comfortable, and hope to continue with for as long as I am able to feel helpful. As it seems in most forms of volunteering, I honestly feel that I receive far more from doing it than I give. I consider it a real blessing.

Barbara McInnes
Client Volunteer

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