Volunteering at Second Story Treasures has made a tremendous difference in my life. I feel a real connection to the community and I’ve gained immeasurably from the support I’ve received from my fellow volunteers. We are a team – and it feels like “family”.

Our thrift store relies on members of the community to bring us “good stuff” that they no longer use. Our team sorts-tests-steams-packages-polishes and hangs the donations for sale in our store. Through this effort we are able to provide quality items at low cost to those who are on limited budgets. As well, we often have unique items that are either collectibles or conversation pieces. We have been known to harbour unique “treasures”. The proceeds of our efforts fund Langley Hospice.

If you have thought about volunteering in the community, check us out. Our operation is very organized and therefore, very productive. We complete every shift with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction – well, almost every one!!! Being part of a successful operation is very rewarding.

If you don’t have TIME to give – make a point of packaging up any items that you no longer use and send them along to us. Your DONATION will help us to continue our good work.

When you can – drop by and check out our store – we’re very proud of it.

Joyce King
Thrift Store Volunteer

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