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The Langley Hospice Society is committed to providing emotional, practical and spiritual support for people who are living with a terminal illness, their family and friends, throughout the last stages of illness, at the time of death and bereavement.


Langley Hospice Society is pleased to present the Celebrate a Life memorial wall, a place where those we love are remembered.

This section is made up of writings from people who have experienced the loss through death of someone they love. In their grief journey, it has helped them to share the story of their loss. Some of the pages end with a way for you to connect directly with them.

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Physical Activities for Grief


Langley Hospice Society

In addition to palliative care and support for people facing life-threatening illnesses, Langley Hospice Society programs include much-needed, individual and group grief support programs, for children, teens, adults and families; education; advocacy; volunteer training; a resource library; day camps and a summer camp for grieving children and teens. Programs are FREE of charge. Langley Hospice also operates their Second Story Treasures Thrift Store in Walnut Grove, open Tuesday to Saturday. For more information regarding the Langley Hospice Society, please visit:
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We have our fall show line up for Sept. 18 - 20 at Glass House Estate Winery with partial proceeds supporting Langley Hospice Society. Check out these amazing artists on our website and see you at the show!
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Hey everyone, Ria here👋🏽 The #adultreads book of the week is “White Hot Grief Parade: A Memoir” written by Alexandra Silber. I’m a sucker for a good memoir and I really enjoyed this book because the author was able to tell her story of her dad’s long-time battle with illness and the way his eventual death changed her life so completely. This story also talks a lot about the effect of friendship as a balm to the grieving heart and the importance of relationship during such a difficult time in life. I appreciated how the author was able to talk about her grief in an authentic way but also with a great sense of humour and wit. This is the first grief memoir written by a young adult’s perspective that I have read and it was an illuminating read.

“Alexandra “Al” Silber seems to have everything: brilliance, beauty, and talent in spades. But when her beloved father dies after a decade-long battle with cancer when she is just a teenager, it feels like the end of everything. Lost in grief, Al and her mother hardly know where to begin with the rest of their lives. Into this grieving house burst Al’s three friends from theatre camp, determined to help out as only drama students know how—and they’re moving in for the duration. Over the course of that winter, the now five-strong household will do battle with everything Death can throw at them—meddling relatives, merciless bureaucracy, soul-sapping sadness, the endless Tupperware. They will learn (almost) everything about love and will eventually return to the world, altered in different ways by their time in a home by a river. Told with raw passion, candor and wit, White Hot Grief Parade is an ode to the restorative power of family and friendship—and the unbreakable bond, even in death, between father and daughter.”

“…that’s how it is with pain: it is like hibernation, a chrysalis of sorts forms around us while we heal. Or transform. Or both. That is not shameful, not weak. It is necessary.”
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Hey everyone, Ria here👋🏽 The #virtualstory for today is “ Something Very Sad Happened,” A Toddler’s Guide To Understanding Death by Bonnie Zucker. This is a great book made for very young children that explains death, what death is and what happens after a death, in a way that is concrete and very easy to understand. There is also a multi-page section in the back for parents and caregivers that answers some common questions toddlers may have.

Discussion Questions:
1. Who do you know who has died?
2. How did you know your person had died? Who told you?
3. Did you go to a funeral or a service after your person died?
4. How did you say goodbye to your person?
5. How do you feel about the death of your person?
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Langley Hospice Society
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Langley Hospice Society
This past Monday, June 29th, we held our Langley Hospice Society & Foundation Annual General Meeting, remotely via ZOOM, with only a few in-person staff and board attendees.

If you would like to view our Langley Hospice Society & Foundation 2019/20 Annual Report, please visit:

At each AGM, we celebrate the ongoing contributions to the Society through the Langley Hospice Foundation’s Second Story Treasures #ThriftStore. (Photo: (left to right) Anne Dent, Langley Hospice Foundation Board Member; Melanie McDougall, Second Story Treasures Store Manager; Kathy Derksen, Langley Hospice Society Board President; and Carissa Halley, Langley Hospice Society Executive Director.

In our 2019/20 fiscal year, this little store that could provided the Langley Hospice Society with $190,000.00, OR more than 35% of our operating budget. These funds help us provide important palliative and bereavement care and support programs and services, free of charge for our community.

Huge #Gratitude to the donors, customers, volunteers and staff who help make this possible.
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Langley Hospice Society6 days ago
Hey everyone, Ria here👋🏽 The #activityoftheweek are coffee filter butterflies-an adorable and easy-to-make craft that is great for teaching young children all about butterflies and their life cycle. You can find the accompanying #virtualstory “The Amazing Life Cycle of Butterflies” on our FB page.

Supplies Needed:
1. Round coffee filters (2 per butterfly)
2. Colored markers (washable)
3. Wooden clothespins
4. Pipe cleaners (one half per butterfly)
5. Spray bottle with water

1. Place two coffee filters on top of each other on a wipeable surface.
2. Use the markers to colour the top filter. You can use one solid colour or multiple colours. I recommend using more than one colour.
3. Mist the coffee filters with water from the spray bottle until just slightly damp. The ink will run and create a beautiful effect.
4. Allow filters to dry completely.
5. Decorate the clothes pin using markers. You can draw eyes on the top or even glue on googly eyes!
6. Fold the coffee filters together accordion style, then the pinch them in the middle and slide the clothes pin in. Spread the filter out to resemble the butterfly wings.
7. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and place inside the clothes pin to resemble the antenna.
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