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The Langley Hospice Society is committed to providing emotional, practical and spiritual support for people who are living with a terminal illness, their family and friends, throughout the last stages of illness, at the time of death and bereavement.


Langley Hospice Society is pleased to present the Celebrate a Life memorial wall, a place where those we love are remembered.

This section is made up of writings from people who have experienced the loss through death of someone they love. In their grief journey, it has helped them to share the story of their loss. Some of the pages end with a way for you to connect directly with them.

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Physical Activities for Grief


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In addition to palliative care and support for people facing life-threatening illnesses, Langley Hospice Society programs include much-needed, individual and group grief support programs, for children, teens, adults and families; education; advocacy; volunteer training; a resource library; day camps and a summer camp for grieving children and teens. Programs are FREE of charge. Langley Hospice also operates their Second Story Treasures Thrift Store in Walnut Grove, open Tuesday to Saturday. For more information regarding the Langley Hospice Society, please visit:
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Langley Hospice Society2 days ago
HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE FIRST WEST FOUNDATION? They are the charitable arm (and the heart) of our credit union – and the brains behind our #CommentsOfKindness giving program! We asked them to tell us why 2021 is such an important year: “We’re excited to be celebrating 25 years of giving good things back to our communities. Since 1996, the Foundation has supported over 370 registered charities and granted more than $7 million across British Columbia. We’re all about kindness and spreading love to the doers and volunteers, the donors, the community-builders and our charities.

But we don’t want to celebrate alone, so we’re inviting everyone to join in and show gratitude to the registered charities that are doing good work and are committed to our communities. To start the giving, we’re making $250,000 available for people to help us donate between now and July 20th!

HOW TO JOIN OUR PARTY: when you see a #CommentsOfKindness post on an Envision Financial Facebook page or Instagram account (just like this post!), simply add your “thanks” and name a registered charity who is doing good things in your community. The First West Foundation will pay the named organization $25 for your comment of kindness. It’s that simple.”

During this historic time of need and giving, the First West Foundation is continuing to expand partnerships and contribute to meaningful projects that make a lasting impact in our community’s ability to thrive. For more information:

See terms and conditions at
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Langley Hospice Society2 days ago
Today, Shannon (inside right), from the Langley Hospice Society visited Farm Country Brewing, a local brewery located on 56th Avenue in downtown Langley, and part of the Langley Loop - a group of four local breweries (Trading Post Brewing, Camp Beer Co., & Five Roads Brewing Co.) who create seasonal collaborative brews to promote their fabulous local craft breweries AND support local charities.

As the host of this collaboration, Farm Country Brewing has chosen the Langley Hospice Society to benefit from a portion of the sales of the Honky Tonk Fresh Hop Golden Ale, in memory of co- owner, Arnold Tobler Jr’s mom, Lynne who passed away in hospice on October 1st of 2019, just a few months prior to Arnold Tobler Jr., and his wife, Erin, and longtime childhood friend and business partner, Travis Keyworth and his wife Caroline, opened the Farm Country Brewing in December of 2019. They have officially SOLD OUT of this Honky Tonk Fresh Hop Golden Ale and presented a cheque to the Langley Hospice Society for $1, 568.96.

Today they are brewing their 100th Brew, with one of their popular offerings, the Farm Country IPA - they have had a year like no other, with the Covid pandemic arriving shortly after the opening of their brand new business, it's been a bit of a roller coaster for the pair and their families and their team.

So grateful for the support of local businesses like Farm Country Brewing, we hope you'll stop by and check out this fabulous new brew and #SupportLocal

Photo: Travis and Caroline Keyworth (left), Arnold Tobler Jr. (outside right)

#Langley #CraftBrew #communitysupport
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Langley Hospice Society2 days ago
This week, Langley Hospice Society's Shannon Todd Booth (right), received a generous $10,000.00 donation from Dr. Rita Wittmann, MD, FRCPC (left) in support of the New 15-bed Langley Hospice Residence Project. She has made a designated gift to assist with the installation of the expansive garden and courtyard for the residence, that have been designed to provide an accessible and homelike setting for residents, indoors and out.

Dr. Wittman's office overlooks the site of the new hospice residence build, and so she and her MOA, Michelle have a front seat view to the progress happening daily.

Such gratitude to Dr. Wittman, and all the amazing donors who are coming together to help us make our new house - a home for end-of-life patients and their families.
Langley Hospice Society
Langley Hospice Society5 days ago
Check out these samples of the beautifully handcrafted heart ornaments that will be available for our #heartsforhospice event on Sunday, June 20th at the Fort Langley Community Hall.
These are from @fraservalleypga members, Diane Morley, Arlene Skelton, and Hsiu-Mei Liao
#grateful #hospice #palliativecare #communitysupport #langley #fortlangleybc
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Langley Hospice Society5 days ago
Notice of our 2021 Annual General Meeting on Monday, June 21, 2021 for the Langley Hospice Society and Langley Hospice Foundation. This year's AGM will be held virtually, via ZOOM. Please email: for more information, or to register.
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